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WelCome To Our Company !!!
We NOVA INSTRUMENTS PVT.LTD. AN ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY by "TUV-DAR" is a leading manufacturing company supply & manufactures of Scientific, R&D, Quality Control, Analytical & specialize Instruments & Equipments. The Company is formed to diversify in the field of Calibration, Research, Secientific, Quality Control & Bio-tech Instrumentation.
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Our Latest Product
CD Tester
Cathodic Disbondment is the loss of adhesion between a cathodic coating and its metal...
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Gel Timer
The GEL TIMER heating block is made out of Thick Alloy duly machine harden & grinded...
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Dipping Unit
"NOVA" Sample preparation using dipping-coating unit (Single and Double)is designed to keep...
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Sand Bath
“NOVA” Sand Bath is used for Coating Quality Test for CD Testing.
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