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Cathodic Disbondment Tester

Cathodic Disbondment is the loss of adhesion between a cathodic coating and its metal substrate due to the products of Cathodic reduction reaction (corrosion reaction) that take place in the interface of coatings. “Nova” C.D.Tester is designed for coating industries.
Compact Touch Screen Model (4 Channel)
Compact Touch Screen Model (4 Channel)
Standard Model (2 Channel)
Standard Model (2 Channel)
Standard Model (8 Channel)
Standard Model (8 Channel)
Compact Touch Screen Model (8 Channel)
Compact Touch Screen Model (8 Channel)
Touch Screen Model
Touch Screen Model
  Standard Model
Standard Model
Features :
  • Use for Inspection of Coating quality as per CAN / CSS 245.20 standard
  • Algorithm developed to maintain constant voltage ( i.e.-1.5V or -3.5V ) throughout the test
  • Data Logging Software to maintained records
  • As per the standard : 8 hour test to 30 days test can be performed.
  • Programmable timer built in for continuous process
  • Available in 2/4/8/16 channel model
  • All Channel can run simultaneously as well as Individually
  • Individual digital display and control
  • Compact Electronic design
  • Compatible with “NOVA” Specially designed high temperatures test chamber / Sand Bath, with electrode &    Cable management.
  • Compatible with High Temperature C.D. Test Setup
  • Compatible with Medium Temperature C.D. Test Setup
  • Compatible with Sand Bath

  • Number of Channels Standard Standard Unit with PC Software for Data Logging Compact Touch Screen with Data Logging
    2 Channel
    4 Channel
    8 Channel
    16 Channel

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