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Dipping Unit

"NOVA" Sample preparation using dipping-coating unit (Single and Double) is designed to keep operator involvement as minimum as possible by automizing process. Speed, duration are Regulated accurately by microprocessor control.
Single Dipping Sample Preparation
Single Dipping Sample Preparation
Double Dipping Sample Preparation
Double Dipping Sample Preparation
  Process : Coating powder kept in fludize bed, predefined heated sample immerse into a coating powder for durations (Auto Timer Mode) as per standards and allowing it to deep. The coated piece can then be dried by force-drying or baking. A microprocessor based system takes care of accurate control throughout the process. Machine is design on four step process can be done in few seconds. The System comes with Sample holding magnetize arm and control system.

Salient Features :
  • Precise control dipping- Coating
  • Equal layer coating on sample surface
  • Pneumatic guided & microprocessor control.
  • Effective & fast coating
  • Sturdy & robust instrument suitable for industrial environment
  • Detail instructions on instrument for Non-Skilled Operator
  • Sample holding arm designed for quick operation Simplest process for coating
  • Plug and ready to use

  • 25mm X 200mm X 6.4mm(WX LXT)
  • 100mm X 100mm X 6.4mm(WX LxT)

  • Fluidize Bed
  • Vibrator
  • Air Compressor
    Fluidize Bed (Optional Accessory)
    Fluidize Bed with Vibrator
    Fluidize Bed with Vibrator
      Film formation on dipping is dependent on the material resistivity. Resistivity of the material should remain practically constant for the equally coating at all surface of the sample. Dipping-coating is well suited for high quality coating of relatively all shapes. The process to reduce its resistivity and which make coating material act like fluid is called fluidization. Process is to make it fluidized by applying air through it. Unit is supply with instrument that makes act powder as fluid during coating process.
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