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Gel Timer

The GEL TIMER heating block is made out of Thick Alloy duly machine harden & grinded / polish with Pt-100 sensor. The heating block is fitted with specially designed heater. The Gel Plate will be supported by heavy angles. The control system consisting of PID Controller, Mains ON/OFF switch, SSR & Electronic circuit etc.
Deluxe Model Built-in Gel Timer
Deluxe Model Built-in Gel Timer
Canadian Standard
Canadian Standard
ISO Standard
ISO Standard
ISO Standard
ISO Standard
  Salient Features :
  • Comply with the Standards
  • Uniform Surface Temperature
  • Specially designed Heater
  • Specially Developed Alloy
  • Suitable For Resin Test

    Size of Gel Plate 150 x 150 mm approx.
    Thickness of Top Plate 25/30/35 mm approx. as per require Standard
    Temperature Range R. T. + 15° C above ambient to 250°/300° C surface Temp.
    Resolution 0.1° C.
    Control Accuracy +/- 3° C or better.
    Surface Temperature Uniformity Within +/- 1% FSD or +/- 3°C or better within 120 mm x 120 mm surface area from center as per CANADIAN STANDARD OR CAVITY AS PER ISO STANDARD.
    Overall Size As required.

    AVAILABLE MODELS in Both ( ISO as well as CANADIAN Standards) Standard Model Delux Model Advanced Model
    Accurate Temperature Control
    Built in Timer  
    Data Logging    
    Touch Screen    

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